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Online manufacturer and supplier directory is a kind of platform business model whose value is created by promoting interaction and exchange of information between producers and consumers. By broad definition, an Online manufacturer and supplier directory is a website listing individuals or organisations with information such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers. The value of an Online manufacturer and supplier directory, hence, lies in the exchange of information about listing contents between listing owners and visitors. Directory owners have a place to show their listings to many users while visitors can access your site and find useful information of any directories.

Online manufacturer and supplier directory or a membership website can be launched for any industry or purpose with real opportunity to generate online recurring revenue.

Built to Rank
www.99nearme.com is built with SEO in mind, from the latest Google tagging, sitemap generation, to built-in onsite SEO. You can focus on content, and rest assured your site will rank well in the SERPs.

Niche it!
www.99nearme.com was designed to grow organic long-tail traffic and generate leads for your niche. Import your data, submit your sitemap and watch listing owners claim their listings and traffic begin to grow.

Free classified, Post an ad

Enterprise Grade
www.99nearme.com has ten years of experience powering thousands of sites world-wide. It is built with the latest enterprise grade technology, from Elastic Search to CDN. Whether you run a large online business, or are planning to build one, www.99nearme.com is the solution you can trust.

Easy Setup
The www.99nearme.com setup is fast and easy. You can import listing business data , and click to edit navigation and other site layout items via the widget based page editor. Launch your site in minutes and manage your content with ease.

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